TEB Debuts New Acoustic Set

Travis Ehrenstrom Band’s Acoustic Lineup

Bend-based, Breedlove artist Travis Ehrenstrom recently debuted a new acoustic band lineup to showcase at the 2016 Bend Fall Festival. The band was assembled to bridge the gap between Ehrenstrom’s more intimate, solo acoustic sets and his more rockin’ electric sets. The acoustic band was recently recognized by local promoters and immediately booked for this year’s Fall Festival.

The acoustic band includes Nashwood artist Gregg Morris (Riderbymyside) on guitar, Patrick Pearsall (MOWO, The Mostest) on bass, and local standout Kyle Pickard on drums. The lineup also allows Ehrenstrom to switch between guitar and mandolin, adding dimension to the set according to the needs of the songs.

The band clicked immediately from the first practice as new addition Pickard easily took command of the songs and settled into his role of keeper of the backbeat. The lineup learned new songs, as well as tracks from Ehrenstrom’s previous albums, including his latest release “Remain a Mystery.” Ehrenstrom hopes to get back into the studio later this year to get recording of his new batch of material.

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